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We are the BRIDGE, an international architectural modeling studio with head office in Dubai, UAE. We produce 3D models of any buildings, landscapes, masterplans and interiors.

We've been working for about 8 years and already done more than 1000 models for the leading visualization studios from USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Our team of architectural modelers from different countries is the strongest in Europe and one of the strongest in the world according to our clients' reviews. Most of our clients, who tried our services, come back to us again with new projects.

Our work is hidden behind the beautiful artworks of nearly thirty visualization studios from different countries. Don't waste your time on modeling, concentrate on your art, and leave all the routine to us.

We are the BRIDGE between your client's briefing and your visualizations.

Click on the images to download some examples of our models:



​We work with any initial information.


With CAD drawings or CAD/BIM models from AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Sketchup, Revit or any other software, compatible with 3dsmax, you'll get the highly accurate model, which made using constraints and strictly matches all the drawings. Models can be textured for VRay or Corona Renderer.

CAD/BIM models can be fastly optimized for using in CGI or completely remodeled to have a perfect model.

Any model can be optimized or completely remodeled for using in AR/VR engines like Unity and Unreal.


We make any landscapes and terrains, from small plots to huge city areas. It can be simple plain landscape or difficult areas with a lot of height levels. All landscapes are modeled mostly with splines for maximum editability.

Any landscape can be textured and filled with proper trees and plants according to the planting plans. Usually we use proxies with Forest Pack or Corona Scatter.

Modeling using Google Street View and photo references

Having environmental buildings on your images is not a problem now. 

We can make models with any level of details using Google Earth, Google Street View, photo references or any collages and sketches.

Lowpoly architecture models

Any building can be modeled as a lowpoly geometry with textures from Google Street View or photos for using as background buildings or for aerial views.


Any interior models, from single rooms to large public areas and also the whole floors of a buildings. We work with any interior drawings (elevations and details,  finishing markups, floor plans, RCPs and lightning plans) as well as just with photo references or any collages.

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